Chang Sik Kim

typographer, educator, Korea/USA
Chang Sik Kim is a professor at San Jose State University in California, USA, a typographer, and a visual communication designer. He completed a Master of Fine Arts (1991) in Visual Communication Design at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, and the second MFA in Graphic Design (Interaction Design emphasis) at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (2000). In addition to receiving the Presidential Award for Korea National Design Competition in 1991, Prof. Kim was inducted into the Korea Design Promotion Hall of Fame in 1992 Korea. His specialty is creating symbolic graphics based on type and image integration, especially in visual metaphors and methodologies to conceptualize complex ideas. Chang has published three complete books, written multiple articles, and has held twelve solo exhibitions in Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland, Armenia, Japan, Korea, and the United States. He has also been a juror of several International design competitions. As an independent design consultant and art director, Prof. Kim continues to practice professional design services for various clients, from high-tech corporates to exceptional business firms. Chang Kim has evolved a design practice from print-based design to time-based and digital application design. He has also worked on several typeface designs for Korean and Latin Alphabets for branding projects for a nonprofit organization, museum, and personal branding for the past ten years including an official university typeface called "SJSU Spartan" for San Jose State University as for the visual identity design system of the new brand of SJSU community Prof. Kim's clients have included Samsung, Yahoo, Hyundai Motors, Cisco, Hammer Theatre, and Amazon. In addition, dozens of his research papers and works have been featured in professional conferences and publications, including Graphis, Print, How, Baseline magazines, AGI, TDC, ICOGRADA conference, Granshan conference, AIGA, and Munich Creative Business Design Week, etc.
About the talk
Type & Image: Typographic Odyssey
Prof. Chang Sik Kim will discuss the interpretation of context and metaphorical visualization through typography, focusing on the correlation between text, image, and identity. In particular, we will look at the Korean Alphabet, Hangeul's principles and applications, a scientific and well-designed system that attracts attention as rational as much as expressive typography in the Modern era. Finally, he will describe the analytical context of Korean typography work and look at the recently held international typography design exhibition titled “Type & Image: Typographic Odyssey,” which featured a recent trend in Korean typography and other global typography.