Chorong Kim

type designer Sandoll, South Korea
Chorong designs, thinks, and talks about the type and their environment. She studied Visual Design at ERBA Besançon (ISBA Besançon) and Type Design at ESAD d’Amiens in France. After that, she moved to Bangkok and joined Cadson Demak as a type designer. Currently, she is working at Sandoll as a type designer, project director, and communicator. She is also a member of KST(Korea Society of Typography), and a mentor for Alphabettes mentorship program. She teaches in various institutes, including Hangeul Typography School. She worked with many diverse clients and designers: Korean enterprises such as Kakao, Naver, Bamin, and international enterprise Apple, IBM, etc. She was involved in many Sandoll retail fonts as well and collaborated with other foundries, like Typotheque and TypeTogether. Chorong plays a role in informing and educating people about Latin and Thai type design in Korea and about Hangul type design in foreign countries. She has also participated as a speaker and author at AtypI, BITS, and KST conferences.