Liana Shushanyan

interpreter, translator and type designer, Armenia

Liana Shushanyan is an interpreter, translator and type designer based in Armenia. She received her B.S. at the Department of Political Science and her M.D at the Faculty of Public Relations of Yerevan State Linguistic University after Valery Brusov before actually becoming interested in design and type art.

After graduating she got engaged in different projects connected with the sphere of typeface design and started to work as a type designer at the Department of Creating and Saving Armenian Fonts. She is also a regular contributor in different international type design project and events. Currently, she is enthusiastically working to maintain and develop Armenian typefaces that have a special place in her working field.  

About the talk
The peculiarities of Armenian letter Forms

Armenian typeface design slowly but surely is developing in the right direction by the help of such competitions as Granshan. Almost 10-15 years ago Armenian type industry was filled with very low quality typefaces that you could find on various publications. One of the major reasons for this was the lack of qualified Armenian typeface designers and the lack of educational centers to prepare them.

Some of the most famous Armenian fonts deform the characters and structures of our letters substituting them with similar Latin characters. But Armenian letter forms are very unique and beautiful in their own way.

Luckily, we have some outstanding type designers who have done a great job by purifying and perfecting Armenian typefaces. One of our greatest achievements is that our young generation is very interested in created high quality Armenian typefaces. This gives us a hope for a brighter future for our typeface design. Another huge achievement for the development of Armenian typeface design was the initiation of Granshan competition. One of the main goals was to give a proper ground for Armenian type design to develop in the right directions and it was possible to realize by the help of conferences and competitions that are being held since 2008.