Tetiana Ivanenko

Professor of graphic design, Ukraine

Born (1972) in Kerch, Ukraine.

Education: Kharkov institute of industrial art, Graphic designer (1994–1999).

Works at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts since 2006. She received a Ph.D. of Arts in 2006. Dissertation covers to studying of art-shaped features of a display font, its principles shape forming. Associate Professor. Chief of Graphic Design Department, Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (2013–2017). Sphere of scientific interests — graphic design, visual communications, display and decorative font, sign deviations. Has a scientific publication on the subject of art studies. Member of the Sectoral Expert Council on Design of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Ukraine. She was awarded the medal "People's Honor to Ukrainian Scientists 1918–2018".

Published the monograph "Originality without limits: the nature of the display font" (2011), the textbook "Type Design: Basics" (2019), and also co-author of the textbooks: "Designer Education: Research Work of Students in Higher Education Institutions" (2019) and “Font animation: letter, word, text” (2022). She is the author of fonts: IT Grinnar, IT Gunpowder, IT Panthera, IT Roofprom, IT Extrazium.

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Has several projects in the field of scientific Illustration and fiction literature. Participates in international and all-Ukrainian exhibitions and competitions. The initiator and founder of the International Student Competition on Font and Calligraphy PANGRAM.  

About the talk

Development of the signs of the Ukrainian alphabet in the context of international competitions

For each nation, the verbal form of communication is important: it is the language and its visual component —writing. Ukraine is no exception. Now no one can say what the Cyrillic alphabet would have been like in its historical development, if it were not for the forceful intervention of the reform of Peter I. In recent years, there has been a tendency to return the historical forms of some graphemes or develop completely new configurations that will give the Ukrainian alphabet uniqueness, self-identity and distinguish it from other Cyrillic, Latin and other scripts. The change in the graphics of the Ukrainian alphabet is now taking place “from below”, through the work of type designers, as well as among young people —students of creative universities. Creative competitions and exhibitions of international level are a platform for experiments and self-expression for young designers. The practice of announcing competitions is an example of encouraging young people to be creative, and for organizations it is an opportunity to find talented labor potential. The international font and calligraphy contest Pangram was created to promote the art of typein the cultural space of Ukraine and the world, but the writing systems used for the contest entries are not limited to Cyrillic, works are also sent from countries that use the Latin alphabet and other types of writing, which makes them similar Pangram with GRANSHAN. The Pangram creative project is a complex event that includes a competition itself, holding exhibitions of the best works, as well as is a platform for speaking at conferences and publishing abstracts in scientific collections.